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Who said that marriage must wear Chinese wedding dress, big tail wedding more beautiful
Bride long tailed palace dress

Romantic word shoulder wedding dress, decorate my dream white dress wedding, gazing at the depths of knowing, it is just time, dressed in white dress, rolled up your hands to the white head.

Beautiful word shoulder design, accompanied by transparent lace clever embellishment, elegant revealed a little sexy, shape their own beautiful and moving. Luxury long tail, to show the Empress Dowager's charming.

Long tail the palace of the word shoulder wedding

Simple and generous design, graceful, highlight the dignified and elegant women. Increase the skirt tail, flying in the wind at random, full of lace sequins added a trace of sweet and subtle.

Long-sleeved design, the word just missed the sexy clavicle, lengthened big tail, swaying, behind the peach heart, revealed a careful machine, sexy charming.

Long tail is thin palace wedding

Waist tailoring design, exquisite arc package edge, showing the bride slim waist, so that the bride's beauty is always the same. Gorgeous tail skirt, full of exquisite lace flowers, fresh and elegant, easy interpretation of romance.

long sleeve wedding dress The use of imported high-quality network of yarn fabrics, static is drape, the line is elegant, and then "man" of the women will instantly out of the gentle and moving ~ sexy simple word shoulder, beautiful three-dimensional lace flower decoration, the back of the bow Design, highlight the elegant temperament.

Long trailing tail casual dresses wedding dress

Thin and thin tulle, blooming with the wind and light of the beauty of the dream, sexy Bra, sketched full of chest, to develop women's charming and moving, to enhance the dignified and noble sense! Romantic light pompon skirt oversized tail, exudes elegant gorgeous gas field, shocked the audience will be defeated single product, to create a fascinating charm of the bride!

Korean court big tail wedding

Wedding, is the dream of all girls, is holy and beautiful, all hope that one day they love the men can put them on the beautiful wedding dress, especially the tail wedding, looks, noble, elegant, gorgeous. Looming package shoulder design, modification of the thin arm, from the details to create exquisite. Slim was thin version of the design, outline the sexy charming graceful posture.