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Who said a woman winter can not be Snow White!
Bridal wedding

Sagittarius love is simple, too easy to drag, do not dress properly, most suitable for their wedding long sleeve wedding dress pants, run and wedding dress jump, so Sagittarius love is not the same bride.

A word shoulder fish tail wedding

On the one hand, Capricorn is radical, so the wedding can not be disclosed too much, on the other hand, the wedding dress should show the atmosphere of Capricorn. Therefore, the shawl wedding dress is full, that is, to cover Capricorn.

Wedding dress

Aquarius smart, rebellious, anti-traditional, focus on the body. They are like this multi-tiered wedding dress, both free and unfettered.

plus size dresses Long and fantastic summer

Pisces wedding must be romantic and ideal, because Pisces will never stop and the same princess. Princess wedding dress can be a good show Pisces little woman.

V neck wedding dress word shoulder

Super like, clean and beautiful! Significant temperament! I 163, just 100 pounds, wearing a 7cm high heels, the wedding there is a week, boring boring graduation dresses at home before taking pictures, I bought a 3-meter long veil alone, with this section of the wedding is not bad.

Lace wedding dress

Very good, customer recommended size is appropriate, the wedding month out of the first month, will be the United States and the United States, the whole is quite good, very satisfied, because the restrictions on the venue can not shoot the wedding beauty ~

Korean wedding

Just received, very beautiful, very fond of, the wedding is the end of the year, can not wait to get on the dress, the skirt is shining like a star.