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When I get married, be sure to wear such a beautiful wedding dress!
short wedding dress Girls, the first time the curtain wrapped in the body, the first quietly put his feet into the mother's high heels, the first time wearing a gauzy princess dress, we grew up dreaming of wearing a beautiful wedding dress, stepping on the crystal Of the crystal shoes, walking on a long red carpet, holding his hand and walked in front of him. Choose wedding, bride is always the top priority! Recommended several nice wedding, there is always beach wedding dress a you like.

Sweet lace wedding to the bride

Enough fluffy, enough level lotus leaf wave yarn, Xian Che, Van, fluffy stereotypes! A thorough sense of the Eugen yarn layer stack. Lotus leaf edge of each layer, after a different degree of clarity European yarn edge. A large number of crystal, covering the upper body of the degree of brilliance, into a fancy manual series! From the chest to waist and bright crystal clouds, lace embroidery above the lace

Flower fairy wedding

Flowers, maxi dresses Lin cents, hand-petals Xian maxi dresses skirts, witness in the hand, the varying depths of the petals, carefully selected lightweight decoration, time-consuming process to build. Flower-shaped colors, series, details, layout, etc. These points are carefully carved, in order to show the film into a piece of flower ripples. Real material presentation, fluffy, romantic are rare! Luxury princess dream, like a fairy in the flower, as if about to dress up into the dance floor!

High-shouldered wedding word shoulder

Xian Qi to help out, shock hand-launched skirt, full skirt flower embroidered stunning series, the trend set off a fairy flower Fairy hot. More than 1,000 petals, good color perception, strong detail, large custom-made flower, one flower after another, Ying Ying foliage, every detail in the skirt. Thin waist design, no long legs can harness, to Xian Qi, to be refined, to reduce age, but also significantly thinner! Color value handmade fairy skirt, a skirt to know it! Recommended to the United States and the United States of the little fairy.