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What kind of exquisite tasting suits do you like?
Long section fish tail Slim cheongsam

In the version of the continuation of the traditional style of the traditional cheongsam, highlighting the taste of a Chinese retro, the bride's classic beauty show most vividly. Small collar collar design modified face, the spirit of the bride graceful body to show the body, very charming. With a pair of Chinese wedding shoes, absolutely dazzling.

Bride cheongsam Chinese toast service

cheap wedding dress Cheongsam style will be no doubt that the Chinese style, and the sleeves combined with the modern very popular speaker sleeves of the design, modified the New Year's arm lines, and looks beautiful and dream. Short paragraph style elongated the proportion of small bust, very small body is a very small girl to control. Let you have a romantic memory.

The word is written in Chinese style

This is a combination of the West in the very clever dress, worn on the body really look tall and tall, and the classic word of the design of small exposed incense shoulder, sexy and elegant. casual dresses With exquisite hand embroidery, is simply a nice artwork, wear on the body, for your whole wedding rose a few grades. Playing a hair absolutely beautiful turn.

The bride's toast

Bold hit color design is definitely a temperament of the formal dresses girls to control the dress, the traditional Chinese flavor and the feeling of national customs cleverly integrated together, wearing more than a lot of wedding dress to be dazzling. Whether it is a toast or directly when the amount of marriage dress is a very good choice.

Word buckle red pointed shoes

The classic style of the word buckle is very slender, and basically does not pick people. Simple style is very wild, and will not grab the clothes of the limelight. The red color looks very pleasing, looks and wears are very texture. There is no pressure on the feet, the wedding day easy.