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What is the best bride dress for red wedding dresses?
Look tired of a white wedding dress, to a red cocktail dresses wedding dress, is a good choice and try, but want to break the tradition, it must be based on their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, dignified atmosphere is red wedding dress is able to highlight the East The bride's unique charm, prospective bride bold temperament bride!

Red wedding dress there are many different colors, such as partial powder, partial rosy, brick red and red, these colors have their own different, such as partial powder for the total is relatively carefree small Girls, of course, red partial powder are generally relatively cold colors, it must be cool tone skin can be better control of this partial red powder. And partial red is more suitable for more charming white skin bride. And some people, although the skin is not black, nor is Huanglian Po, but wearing pink and red will always look a little soil, and may even seem a bit old-fashioned, then how to do it? That brick red and universal red is the most suitable for you.

First of all to popularize the skin's cold and warm colors. Cool tone is the skin than the average person white, cheek powder tender and tender, and almost no panic, this is generally more common white, less Asian, once there, it is generally more than a person around the white one Color. So why do we say that white Fu Mei can not plus size dresses wear red is the reason, Mei Hong cold, suitable for cool people, and cool colors are generally white shiny, over time, we must know enough White can wear red and pink.

And warm colors of people, the general face glowing healthy meat yellow, this look warm, full of vitality, but not suitable for rose red and pink this cool color, more suitable for warm colors, such as without fluorescence Color of the goose yellow, meat powder, orange, and brick red is one of them.

So the warm tone of the skin, it is suitable for brick red dress. Brick red than the general red more deeply, it seems to bring a little bit of gold, with a little bit of brown, even if the skin a little black, wear it can also be a good correction of color, was color.

short wedding dress And the skin is relatively white, but with a little bit of meat yellow warm tone skin, you dresses for women can wear red, bright and white, the most suitable for the white warm color type.

Stylish wedding style design, showing its uniqueness, thus creating a kind of elegant sexy. Let the romantic wedding dress bride more attractive. Interpretation of the beautiful bride to find a suitable for their own dream dress it