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Wedding season, Western romantic wedding dress and traditional Chinese dress
Bride tail wedding dress

Exquisite lace design, so that the overall more three-dimensional, sexy nude design, nice, fresh to create a fantastic wedding. Mesh-style round neck design, with a unique idea, with elegant and moving curvature, to show your beautiful incense shoulder, so you more moving heart and wedding dress spleen.

Pure white no time to design, so that the whole wedding is more beautiful, exquisite lace embellishment, is a woman eternal love, so that the whole look fine and beautiful and not exaggerated.

Was thin bride lace simple wedding dress

Stylish Bra design, to show your beautiful clavicle, the beautiful and sexy moment to release, adjustable strap design, do not pick the body. A beautiful wedding makes you the most beautiful bride in the history of Chinese wedding highlights the beauty of the show, to show the beauty of oriental women, romantic and luxury.

Bride Chinese dress wedding dress

Exquisite three-dimensional water-soluble lace design, highlighting the gentle and charming female beauty, with a stylish Slim version of pink wedding dress the design, showing graceful slim figure.

In the long paragraph wedding cheongsam dress

beach wedding dress Since ancient times, the dress is an essential part of the wedding, Xiufu service has a more vivid colors, style and meaning, is decorated atmosphere, embellished wedding, dress up new people, to express auspicious meaning. Retro embroidery and exquisite embroidery petite dresses full of oriental feminine beauty.

The use of high-grade satin fabric so that the version is more crisp type, dragon and phoenix coat this is more expensive, in addition to the dragon and Phoenix embroidery, but also in the above stabbed auspicious animals or things, like clouds, wishful, etc., fashion And the perfect fusion of the classic, so that the bride has a classic beauty!

Toast bride cheongsam

High-quality satin fabric, stylish big tail, filling the bride tall, embroidered stitch fine, exquisite workmanship, colorful embroidery design, Chinese dress is gentle gentle silk, art is like the United States embroidery, is simple and elegant Cut.