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Wedding dress may not, the high value of the dress to show you a happy white dress smile
Word shoulder wedding dress was thin waist fish tail wedding tail

A word shoulder wedding dress was thin waist fishtail wedding small trailing summer, V collar design is very small face it, fine lace with fishtail skirt, high waist line design allows you to have minutes Long legs, really good looking. This wedding dress is most suitable for photo shoot when worn, not only can you show the overall is very slender, but also to show your bumpy body.

Back to the small wedding dress fashion fishtail long thin wedding engagement dress

But also take into account the small sexy, many bride in the choice of toast suit all hope dignified and generous, of course, but also to show the bride's elegance. Pure color is also increasingly favored bride, elegant fashion, romantic retro lace, elegant and elegant skirt, filling your little woman's taste.

Wedding new small evening dress

graduation dresses Married Chinese red dress red cheongsam evening dress, still able to wear out the unique classic oriental women's temperament, fine workmanship, improved dress dress, the formation of a smooth dress, exquisite printing lifelike. Traditional cheongsam are mature women wear, so cocktail dresses that after the improved style printing, so that girls can wear classic cheongsam to show the unique qualities of the Oriental women.

Korean small dress Slim dress

This section is a new version of the skirt, with lace gauze to force the maxi dresses stitching to win the princess's favor, exquisite texture, plus chest diamond embellishment more prominent high-grade quality, well-designed fashion styling, lively and elegant to give temperament. Girls are good-hearted, led the elegant fashion, lace gauze dress, with a smart skirt, Korean dress a small dress, even more beautiful.