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Wedding day to wear what color wedding dress wedding color appropriate meaning
beach wedding dress Marriage the bride to wear wedding dress the same day, then what color is good wedding? The following look at the different colors of these wedding represented by the meaning of it

White wedding dress

White is often reminiscent of snow and ice, white clouds, cotton, giving a bright, rustic, innocent, light, quiet, clean, elegant, cool, healthy feeling, a symbol of peace and sacred. White gauze, every girl's dream, want to wear a white yarn to marry his beloved ah. White should be part of the cold it, long section of the white yarn people feel like an elegant and elegant angel, short section of the white yarn people feel lovely. White wedding on behalf of the inner purity and like a child's innocence, later evolved into a symbol of virginity. At this point the white wedding dress as a wedding dress was basically passed down, and gradually received around the world.

Blue wedding dress

Blue wedding most people in the eyes of the blue is a symbol of depression, in fact, is not the case, the blue itself is quiet, quiet, faithful representatives. And blue gives a wide long-term means, like the sea as deep, people forget all the troubles and not easy to face all the open chest. So, in the wedding day, wearing a blue wedding not only bride dazzling, more open later, calm life lay the foundation.

Red wedding dress

Red is a symbol of life, vitality, health, passion, vigor and joy. Red wedding dress general choice should not be too much, but the red dress we must not be missing. Red wedding gives the first impression is warm, exciting, wearing such clothes will be easy to render the atmosphere, people seem full blue wedding dress of passion and vitality. In the Western world, the red as a symbol of war, inspired courage; and in the Eastern world, it represents the meaning of optimism, festive. So wearing a red wedding dress can be very good with the warm atmosphere of marriage phase set off.

Yellow wedding dress

Chinese feudal dynasty from the Song Dynasty after the Ming Huang is the emperor dedicated color, such as "yellow as expensive." So many users will be yellow as a symbol of luxury, contemporary dress will choose a lot of yellow, and yellow wedding also represents the rich and luxurious.

Purple wedding

In the West, purple also represents the noble, often become the love of the nobility of love; purple is also a symbol of noble, while slightly with some evening dresses melancholy. Purple wedding on behalf of the noble, elegant, so purple wedding favored by many new people.