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Wearing a few sections of the bridesmaid dress to go, relatives are boast me become beautiful
Lace net yarn bridesmaid was thin dress

white dress Front of the backcourt design can stretch the proportion of legs, the whole person looks more slender, with high heels look good. Exquisite lace with light and elegant skirt, just like an angel elegant. Matte finish color is lining color, and filling the romantic atmosphere, wear when the bridesmaid dress is a very good choice. Romantic skirt skirt, fluffy type, with floral, live short wedding dress off a little fairy.

Banquet sleeveless evening dress small dress

Sleeveless design exposed slender arm lines, showing the women's sense of thin and gentle, and the waist of the cut, even more charming posture perfect show, do not have some charming temperament. Exquisite lace elements to enhance the quality of this bridesmaid dress, but also in the design of the style can not only when the bridesmaid dress, but also when a small dress, attended the important occasion or maxi dresses the company's annual meeting, this skirt is a very good amount select.

A flattened bridesmaid dress

Short paragraph of the design is very suitable for small women, wearing a body is very good proportion, and a touch of color is very fantastic, three-dimensional embroidered lace, full of the skirt body, it is thin soft, but very Exquisite.

Back strap design can be arbitrarily adjust the size of the skirt, basically what ah people can easily control, but before the short after the long design is very long legs, the word collar exposed charming clavicle, elongated neck lines, highlighting women The elegance of the elegant.

Noble and elegant party evening dress

Retro blue with elegant pattern, it is fresh and moving, and the design of the long paragraph elongated the proportion of the body, it is very tall, not only as a bridesmaid dress, but also wear at the party, but also particularly fresh and natural The

The design of the word shows the female slender clavicle and waist, fine gold thread sewing pattern, it is very grade, reflected in the sun good light.