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Wear high style temperament, May bridesmaid wear around, banquet dress
Waist princess dress skirt

purple wedding dress The dignified, the only information transmitted from this dress is dignified. It's a bit like the style of the ladies of the last century in the English manor house. The noble words hang right between them. Black is the most obvious temperament, especially this type of waist.

The temperament of this skirt suddenly eased, and evening dresses the pure white skirt was embellished with small dots made of embroidery technology. Although it was not as good as the previous one, it made people feel that Very little fairy.

Sling deep V dress

Both skirts are designed with a sling V, but they have different styles. One is a girl who emerged from the paintings of European paintings in the world and one is more like a queen who stands out on the Paris Fashion Week. Especially the latter, because the entire skirt is an embroidery design, there is basically no thick inner lining. The translucent looming, especially to attract the attention of others. .

Temperament Pompon Skirt

The aristocratic temperament is well represented in this pettiskirt. As a representative element of elegant attributes, the delicate patterns on the lace fabrics reflect the romantic style of the feminine temperament, and the metal zipper on the back is beautiful and generous. , open and close, convenient fashion.

Print dress ruffled trumpet long sleeves waist tie retro

The small V-neckline not only has the effect of modifying the neck line, but also the appearance of the face is very petite on the visual, the lotus leaf on the shoulder, the kind of flowing feeling, enough to make you beautiful every minute, coupled with the waist of the lace Design, with a taste of retro style

Lace-up bow tie temperament long pleated skirt

This version of the dress with a shirt skirt not only has a sophisticated intellectual beauty, but also has a tie bow on the waist. It also highlights the elegant style. The black hem banding line is very good for the overall color tone. Elegant pleated skirt, very refined and introverted

Summer new sexy perspective long sleeve waist short paragraph a word skirt

The soft chiffon fabric, light and breathable, with a slight perspective of the white skin, glows with the sexy style of the deaf person. The exquisite small stand collar is very nicely decorated dresses for women with a slender neck line, and a fresh style check pattern. It is a sense of teenage girl who has a literary style.