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Ultra-precise poem dress cheap wedding dress dress, with fairy attributes, elegant and nobl
The elegant and elegant apricot color is very suitable for the overall design, whether it is the exquisite embroidery or the sexy V-neck design, elegant and charming.

Slim long skirt

Pink design, sweet age, coupled with long mesh design, elegant elegance, exquisite embroidery, gives a retro sense of fashion.

Fashion pleated a word skirt

Two-piece splicing design, stylish and beautiful, especially the details of the convergence of the Department, exquisite ingenuity, hollow perspective design, sexy and charming

Elegant chiffon dress

V-neck design, sexy and charming, plus waist and waist beads design, stylish and beautiful, long pendulum design, elegant and noble

Embroidered long paragraph a dress

The collar is made of hollow stitching design, stylish and beautiful, sexy and charming, large waist embroidered and belt design, exquisite fashion, Slim was slim

Elegant temperament dress

Very elegant and elegant dress dress, especially the color of the mix short wedding dress gives a very comfortable feel, looks elegant atmosphere

Large size long dress

Similar to the improved cheongsam design, elegant and noble, the above embroidery is very artistic conception, high and melodious, exquisite fashion

Slim long a dress

Very pure red, full eye-catching, irregular hem design, elegant fashion, plus hollow design, sexy and charming

Slim dress

The dress with a sacred charm is very beautiful and charming. Whether it is the embroidery or the swaying design above, elegant atmosphere.

Korean embroidery dress

Sleeveless design, sexy and charming, long dress version, elegant and noble, exquisite embroidery, stylish and elegant

petite dresses Loose and long skirts

Two-piece design, stylish and beautiful, gradient color processing, great visual effects, elegant pendulum, elegant and charming