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To wear the most beautiful wedding to do the most beautiful bride, look at you for that paragraph wedding
The new word shoulder big skirt lace wedding dress

Sexy lips, charming Bra, accompanied by lace embroidery embellishment, outline the full chest and tender tenderness, three-dimensional tailoring + high waist line design, modification of the body, highlight the high and exquisite posture.

Hollow mesh back, and three-dimensional lace encircled the net yarn long skirt skirt, each other to join the light, so that you walk, such as butterflies from the elegant Smart, and if the Mature sexy and elegant.

Korean-style super-luxury long tail wedding dress

Sexy bra, highlight the proud figure, coupled with a romantic web lace fabric, superb details of the design, bringing a wonderful dress experience, blending a good blessing, together to a happy marriage hall.

Xianmei romantic super long tail, and shining stones and three-dimensional embroidery, each other added light, the interpretation of light and elegant charm.

The word in the back of the sleeves lace tail was thin Peng Peng wedding

Elegant word collar, encrusted with three-dimensional lace detail, showing a beautiful Xiangzhan jade neck, add charm value, smooth lines, three-dimensional high waist line, outline the slim waist, coupled with lightly elegant tail Skirt, upper body full evening dresses of feminine feminine tenderness.

Multi-storey comfortable net yarn, exquisite workmanship design, create a neat and neat, yet elegant skirt profile profile, plain beauty cents pure white, so that your wedding day like a fairy in general.

short wedding dress Summer, the new Korean word shoulder to do the pink wedding dress body wedding

Exquisite lace with sexy yarn package sleeve rotten sleeve, in the elegant revealed a looming small sexy, three-dimensional high waist, with cents cents poncho skirt, connecting lace lace, to create a soft romantic ladies style.

High-quality and comfortable tulle, carefully multi-storey design, wearing a heavy not through, but also very cents cents, plus special to enhance the high waist line, was high cover cover belly, pregnant women can easily control.

Korean version of the wrist is thin and long tail wedding

Sexy and elegant Bra, outline the beautiful incense shoulder jade neck, clear through the fine yarn with embroidery, high-waist large A version of the cut, revealing soft body curve, and hazy fluffy net yarn skirt, retro elegant Fairy.

Multi-layer net yarn, coupled with exquisite lace hook flowers, romantic long tail in the beautiful, it is more immortal moving, coupled with exquisite makeup hair ornaments, so you walk between the rich style, charming charm.