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This several wedding dress, toast too beautiful clothes
The bride and groom wedding dress

Chiffon cover the United States and light light Mongolian skinning, exquisite carved lace painted, stacked dream laying to create a dream wedding dress, elegant atmosphere and the temperament of the flower yarn word shoulder, crystal beads flower floating yarn sexy, revealing sexy!

Long tail bride wedding dress

Flower-shaped color, tandem, detail, layout, etc. These points are carefully carved, in order to show into pieces into pieces of flowers ripples. Luxury princess dream, like flowers in the fairy, as if the dress is dancing into the dance floor!

petite dresses Deep v collar wedding dress

Magnificent pearls, such as gorgeous embroidery embellished petals, amethyst charming light yarn bleach dust field, such as heaven and earth that Road, red red clouds, as the Seduction Xianyi, through the Ying Yan blooming.

Romantic three-dimensional flowers toast service

Peony Peony as a starting point, from its position to extract inspiration, vivid reproduction of the peony group to open the beauty, with modern means, embroidered peony luxury, grace, the atmosphere.

Perspective trailing wedding dress

Elegant front of the short skirt after the design, wave edge waves to bring charming curling, sexy tease seductive thin long leg temptation, the release of casual dresses Smart charm.

Dingzhuang bride wedding toast service

The mottled lanterns of the flowers are decorated with dazzling pieces of lips, and the luster and fragrance of the lacrosse, The

Slim lace word wedding

Charming sexy flower yarn word, through the yarn fine embroidery lace is very sexy and charming! Exquisite pattern relief, crystal, pearl of the beautiful and beautiful, rich level of beauty fashion Zhen now. Xianmei princess skirt design, flower ripple Yee light canopy evening dresses graceful charm grace.

Lace Nail Shou Lu wedding dress

High-quality ratio of the cut, smooth gorgeous version of the line, the bumpy posture tightly wrapped, graceful graceful curves, hand-embroidered sexy beauty revealed.