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This selection of dress, to help you become a dazzling figure in the party
A candy party

With the inherent trend of visual sense, exquisite beauty. Slim style not only highlight the body lines, talent is also comfortable enough. Chic lotus leaves cuffs, block the arm of the fat at the same time filling charming ladies style, elegant and charming.

Romantic chic lotus cuffs, with a quiet good temper, just right of the curvature, bright shining pretty diamond and rounded Dingzhu, patchwork on the shoulder, filling the charming temperament.

Korean black lace sexy evening dress

This dress shows the designer's intentions, coupled with large hand-sewn, sparkling skin in the cloth lining, Slim cut, showing a graceful figure. Fashion romantic shoulder design, smooth and comfortable lines, revealing sexy clavicle. Waist section bridesmaid dresses cut line, three-dimensional waist cut, to create a beautiful figure curve.

Summer new pink companion evening dress

A-type skirt, the proportion of gold cut cut, slender waist waist was thin, covered with small belly, waist hit color stitching trim just optimize the upper and lower body ratio. Wearing a dignified elegant ladies installed, occasionally for the taste, do a naughty GIRL, fashion modeling walking.

Aristocratic temper hit color hollow evening dress

Waist design, three-dimensional cut on the details of the division, highlight the slender waist, Slim was thin, clear waist, shorten the upper body ratio, elongated leg lines, filling tall slender stature.

Classic round neck design, add elegant atmosphere. Waist design, Slim was thin, butterfly embellishment, more refined. Long version of the type of design, the visual does not pick the body, do not pick the age.

Banquet host bridesmaid dress with evening dress

maxi dresses Complex and delicate design, giving each dress a dream-like imagination, and the pursuit of beauty. Put it on, dancing gestures show grace and beauty, could not help but mm for happiness and beautiful vision and pursuit.

Stereo flowers such as starlight embellishment in the body, to meet the romantic romance mm. Word shoulder design, showing sexy clavicle. Speaker sleeve design, filling sweet.

Fashion wine red lace evening dress

Classic fashion round neck design, elegant lace flowers covered cocktail dresses with chest, elegant and charming, while a good modification of the neck lines, sexy and charming. Elegant ladies lace skirt, fine texture Seiko secret knitting weaving three-dimensional lace flowers, three-dimensional strong hollow design, sexy and elegant coexist.

New banquet elegant black evening dress

Slim was thin party long evening dress, simple design concept, stylish and generous, soft and comfortable, clean and generous, intellectual elegance of the noble temperament. Elegant romance is always the same feelings of a woman, and lace is its pronoun, exquisite embroidery process, to show the classic elegance of the atmosphere, the aesthetic perspective of the yarn design, highlight the sweet and fresh, with the slightest retro feelings.