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This beautiful wind dress, simply the United States turned the day
Blue flowers deep v collar dress

In the form of flower-shaped hollow and petal line outlines the beautiful lace petals, color to soft purple, soft white jade, fresh water and other water-based color-based, to create a hazy and fantastic sense, rounded pearls decorated in lace petals Between, to create a noble temperament.

Pink lace petal dress

Hand embroidery masterpiece, ultra-fine needle method, complicated embroidery, only for the fine. Close flower pattern encounter lace, red dress fairy petals encounter powdery pearls, especially exquisite beauty.

Romantic three-dimensional flower dress

Fresh foliage, layers of petals, presented a magnificent visual feast, bustling embroidery is reflected in the design of the heart, a large area of ??flowers and exquisite hand, vivid reproduction of the atmosphere of grace.

Blue long sleeves dress

As an epic dream, as if people into the Alice mistakenly wandering the wonderland. Gorgeous lanterns sleeve craft, filling the court atmosphere, in the skin above the cover layer of hazy snow yarn, as if casual dresses exposure to fairyland misty touched.

cheap wedding dress White short dress

Petals pouring, bright crystal pure world, with you feel infinite beautiful youth, flowers in the romantic dance, crystal flashing in the sun, fluffy lotus skirt pass sweet and romantic.

Purple word shoulder dress

Such as water-like smooth lines outline the charming word shoulder, lace petals and crystal sequins shine romantic atmosphere, whisper purple annoying hazy dream, so that the language is also shame the United States more subtle.

Red lace dress

Yarn fold wiping big V Vulgar, hollow flowers carved linger in the fans of the yarn, sparkling shining bright dazzling, red color more amazing.

Blue phoenix fish tail dress

To peacock image as the starting point, meaning the joy of peacock dance, to create a rich temperament style, rose red gorgeous heart, unknowingly for it to stay and intoxicated, beautiful fish tail show charming curves, more Significant aristocratic temperament.