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These Western-style wedding more beautiful, heart did not
Wedding dress brave dream flower bride

The meaning of white gauze that pure, flower yarn dream shop you send tail, Qingmei Yi Yi Lian City charm, beautiful lace spread winding, ribbons Xianjin, fantastic fairy yarn bow gently tied on the waist above, delicate and significant Jiaoqiao.

Ladies and gentlemen wedding dress

Looming package shoulders highlight the pure temperament, large long trailing placid, like ripples, with the classic look to create the most modern and noble fashion.

Rose princess wedding dress

Marriage for women is one of the happiest things in life, but the choice of her husband can not be vague, choose the wedding is not on, this word shoulder wedding, so you super beautiful.

Korean version of the word long-sleeved lace tail wedding

Lace design sense of wearing a personalized eye-catching elegance type, Slim was thin effect is wedding dress obvious, three-dimensional sense of strong sense of elegance, such as angel-like beauty charm.

A small wedding tail

Thin breathable gauze, coupled with the hand of the pearl flower, the whole like a flower fairy in general, laminated yarn, bring the summer light sense, but also look big chest.

New wedding dress

Exquisite workmanship, gorgeous lace covered the entire skirt, even the skirt is a beautiful lace. The charm of the ladies, classical short-sleeved bag shoulder design, effective modification of the arm lines, and bat prom dresses sleeves say goodbye, cross-scattered free strap design, with lace intertwined graceful shadows.

Slim was thin strap wedding dress

plus size dresses Tube design can make your neck and clavicle looks particularly sexy, big tail skirt, fashion waist Peng yarn and red three-dimensional bow belt, modified that a surplus of slim waist, only a large tail on the word Row of bow, and the prom dresses waist embraced each other, like the next mortal butterfly fairy.