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These beautiful burst of white Tube Top, Qi, tail wedding, which one you love?
Women only wear a wedding dress, choose their own wedding, do the lace wedding dress most beautiful bride, marriage is a woman's life event, of course, how good to see how come This beautiful breast design, a good modification of the body's upper body effect, very romantic princess style. Elegant and charming, three-dimensional row of flowers received loose, highlight the S-shaped waist, so that waist is more slender waist.

beach wedding dress Beautiful romantic wedding

A dress skirt is the most common, it is like a million gold oil, is simply wild! Do not know what to pick the wedding, the election it like. Basically no error, it is the ideal wedding dress for all sizes. Slim cut, exquisite graceful waist, vivid three-dimensional pattern embellishment, sweet enchanting, pouring down the light lace, meandering luxury long tail, amazing crowd eyes.

Tight skirt models are generally straight down, suitable for obvious lines, shoulder and buttocks wide width, or body type in line with the proportion of the waist line is not obvious, the shoulder to the hip almost straight line. Exquisite craft sewing, beautifully designed body sculpting effect, Qi big swing design skirt, sexy curve charming. Refined to the structure of white dress the simple section of the outline of the waist outline, create a neat and neat, without losing the elegant skirt profile shape.

Fishtail skirt is not everyone is suitable, it can pick people do. Want to wear this wedding, the first premise is that you have hip, not too big, or accidentally put your shortcomings exposed. Just the tail of the cut, highlight the upper and waist curve, fish tail skirt design, highlight the S curve, sexy and elegant.

Light through the yarn is always so pleasing, because it is thin, breathable, in the late summer is also full of mysterious temptation, looming perspective seems to be born with magic, in the summer inhalation. Women like it because, refreshing breathable, more sexy, even more feminine.