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The United States to the fried tail wedding, noble dream to create a goddess of the wedding dress
Long tail bride wedding dress

17 years of fashion industry set off a wave of romanticism, a variety of romantic elements into the wedding, not Sentimental innocence, nor artificial, naturally showing the soft qualities of women. The real set of "sexy, luxurious, elegant, lovely" as one of the wedding, filling the unique charm of women, elegant fashion

Long trailing shoulder lace formal dresses white wedding dress

Dressed in white clothes to, every move like in the dance, the meaning of white yarn that pure, flower yarn dream shop you send tail, reminding us of scenes do not eat the fairies of the world. Strengthen the waist line was thin effect, clever income Yingying a grip Xiaoman waist, convex lines immediately appear. More highlights the light temperament.

Long tailed shoulder wedding

It is the design of this year has been popular, exquisite self-cultivation, has always been fantastic luxury style, pure Qingyan, the distribution of evening gowns noble and beautiful princess temperament. You are the beautiful princess in the fairy tale. Chinese skirt skirt is still fluffy fish is still fluffy. Was thin curve, upper body effect really praise.

wedding dress Long tail princess dress

Despite the sweet temperament shoulder design, chest luxury lace flower design, highlighting the slender neck, full of charm of the color, dotted the people can not ignore the light of the sense of light.

Chic waist to see this ah, stylish luxury tail, filling the woman's unique noble and romantic temperament, big break in the law-abiding.

Long trailing Korean fashion shoulder wedding

Simple Bra design, with a touch of low-key luxury! Hazy perspective hollow lace, the spread of rising romantic atmosphere, sexy charming, gestures distributed between the elegant temperament. Slim cut, exquisite graceful waist, pouring down the light lace, meandering luxury long tail, stunning everyone's eyes!

Princess princess luxury slender tail wedding dress

Luxury tail design wedding, with the yarn on the yarn without losing elegance, multi-layer skirt three-dimensional full, so that your wedding has become the focus of attention, gorgeous and noble. Waist luxury delicate lace flowers embellishment, using 3D stereoscopic cut process, you can visually greatly abdomen waist effect