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The latest fashion was thin wedding dress to create a perfect bride
For the bride is not only to be thin wedding, but also fashion, so as to create a perfect bride. Lace, elegant skirt, delicate hanging neck, gorgeous fish tail and other wedding dress classic style, the following look at the latest fashion was thin wedding bar.

Lace lingering

Delicate and beautiful lace reflects the most exquisite beauty, is the ultimate embodiment of superb craftsmanship.

Lace detail will be European elegance and Chinese graceful perfect combination, bring gorgeous quiet beauty.

Flower fishtail

Fold design into the floral pattern, full of three-dimensional shape of the flowers in the skirt in full bloom, extremely beautiful

The bride who wears the fishtail wedding is like the mermaid of Andersen. Beautiful fish tail lines, accompanied by fresh and soft European root yarn, romantic life.

Retro skirt

Fresh and elegant white dress skirt dotted with pink wedding dress embroidered flowers, such as the eighteenth century princess, noble and gorgeous.

High waist line fit the chest, showing the bride Delicate has the curve of the pompry skirt to the bride looks cute and lovely little woman's well-behaved.

Deep v temptation

pink wedding dress Golden tassel decoration upper body, outline the enchanting attitude, slightly with the romantic sex.

Can be a good reflection of the bride's chest curve, fine paste the tailor-made goddess like a unique touching atmosphere.

Double shoulder strap wedding with flowers decorated, filling the bride's soft and lovely. Full of the upper and the perfect combination of slender waist, the bride's sexy and charm to show the most vividly. Multi-storey flower skirt romantic and beautiful, showing a woman's unique tenderness. Every woman is waiting for their own real life, when that person appears, and then mature big woman will become a bird by people.

Braved wedding show the bride fairy neck, soft white flowers tiled in layers of white yarn above, blooming unparalleled beauty. The first yarn hanging, accompanied by a long skirt, the bride's mature charm perfect performance out. This is only a light mature to show the strong gas field, a mature and unique charm of the style.

Deep V white tail wedding, perfect show the bride's slim figure. Exquisite silver embroidery as bright as the stars in general, in the white wedding shining light. Double shoulder with the design long sleeve wedding dress of the bow with a white bow, interpretation of the pure beauty of pure beauty and sexy. White veil tattoo with the veil decoration, so that the bride is more tenderness like water.

Exposed wedding dress, flat mouth, filling the bride's sexy and romantic. Long skirt with layers of veil, with a little innocent taste of the Mature, looks very soft, do not have some style. The whole wedding is not too much gorgeous decoration, but it can be revealed in a simple kind of romantic. Light Mature bride wearing such a white wedding dress, will be able to highlight the beauty to the extreme.