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The latest bridesmaid dress to take the warm retro route
casual dresses If you intend to get married in the spring, would like to invite their own good sister to serve as a bridegroom to witness happiness, cocktail dresses then in preparation for the wedding before the preparations for the bridesmaid dress Oh!

Satin retro bridesmaid dress

Wine red bridesmaid dress is very nice, with a retro temperament. But also in the wedding day set off a good color, satin material was high-end atmosphere, Bra and Slim version of the type of more prominent body, so that bridesmaids can also be dazzling Oh.

With a long section of bridesmaid dress

This champagne long bridesmaid dress upper body effect is very good, with a diamond design can be a good outline of the stature, long section of the design to cover the fat legs or short legs, looks more tall, elegant style is also very Retro taste Oh

Red petals bridesmaid dress

This red petal bridesmaid dress upper body effect super beauty, Tube Top skirt design sexy yet small woman charming and lovely. Stereo flower pattern is very suitable for the atmosphere of the wedding scene, retro temperament Oh

Lace short bridesmaid dress

This piece of white short bridesmaid dress can show your elegant taste, Slim version of the type can bring out the slender body, hollow retro design of the full flavor, so you elegant and charming.

Tube Top Dress

Classic undefeated black and white stripes Bra dress, cute sweet playful girl heart Oh, how to design the chest with some sexy taste, more to you full of small feminine.

This is a feminine dress super feminine Oh, aristocratic temperament is also very strong, it is easy to show you lovely sexy side, low chest show your good body, waist and chest decoration look bling bling is very bright The

This summer is very popular fruit pattern of clothing, this Bra dress also into this element, even more sweet play full of flavor, also show your lively and lovely side, a pair of sunglasses can make you more type.

Rainbow gradient color of the Tube Top Dress is very immortal Fan range children, before the short length plus size wedding dress of the design is quite some elegant feeling, not only modified the chest but also looks very elegant, so you look different.