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Super beautiful tail wedding, so that you become the focus of everyone, happiness burst
Bridal bouquet bride wedding

Mantle Aqua super luxury big tail draped yarn! Aqua-winding cigarettes, the palace lace flowers, has always been adhering to the quality, heritage of superb proud of the lace hand, misty romantic long tail, veil, such as waterfalls luxurious plump. Water generally ethereal fairy charm. Long hazy yarn veil, such as the general capture of the water obscure beauty, so that the vision of a new understanding of luxury, cents the United States the definition!

Short before and after the long tail wedding

pink wedding dress Real material presentation, fluffy, romantic are rare! Luxury princess dream, like a fairy in the flower, as if about to plus size dresses dress up into the dance floor! Flowers, Lin cents, hand-petals Xian skirts, witness in the hand, the varying depths of the petals, carefully selected lightweight decoration, time-consuming process to build. Flower-shaped colors, series, details, layout, etc. These points are carefully carved, in order to show the film into a piece of flower ripples.

Sexy lace wedding dress perspective

Xia Ya covered the United States light Meng skin, exquisite carved lace hook painted, stacked Dream Nike to create a dream of marriage yarn, elegant atmosphere and temperament temperament a word shoulder, crystal beads floating yarn sexy, sleeve. Elegant front short skirt design, the wave edge Niu bring charming curl, sexy flirtatious fairy big legs temptation, release Smart Charm.

Luxury lace tail wedding fishtail

Beginning of the fine, bright qualities! Lead the trend of the curve, Waist in the end! European elegant aristocratic collar neck style, with the version of the design, lace wedding dress selection criteria, embroidery technology, professional Ding Zhu, four angles, the beauty of the abstract concept into reality. Curve version of the type of sexy pursuit of the target, the curves in the points between the heart, measured the waist, buttocks, hip ratio, the deepening of the curve of proportion, maxi dresses in-depth meticulous beauty!

Sweet pregnant women high waist wedding dress

This wedding dress with a perfect fusion of the word shoulder and top, not only well decorated upper body effects and clavicle, arm and other details of the location, and Bra wedding section is a classic classic, suitable for all kinds of body wear, no Local limitations, and should season!