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Summer wedding dress should be how to choose it? Summer bridal dress recommended
Wedding bride to pick the right wedding dress, then the summer bridal dress should be how to choose it?

1, color

beach wedding dress Colorful the most beautiful: spring and summer wedding dress color the most beautiful, according to the spring and summer fashion color, such as nude color, blue, red, pink and other colors. As flowers bloom like to attract the attention of many people. A variety of colors with a variety of ingenious design creativity, this summer bride because you are different. It is worth noting that the color and color, hair color with the harmony.

2, style

Short section more fashion: finally to the summer, it is a short dress popular time. Short dress can make the bride look more stylish and lively, in the soft yarn material exposed white symmetrical calves, still see the bride's sexy and grace. It can be seen, the short paragraph of the wedding on the bride's leg lines require a higher choice of bright prom dresses petite dresses colors can be more perfect show.

3, texture

Thin and more sexy: thin summer is the need for hot weather, maxi dresses but also the bride show the temperament of the background. The most common is silk and spandex. No matter what kind of fabric, color and style of choice is most important, according to their own color and body type with.

Summer bridal dress recommended

1, stylish and elegant dress

Classic eye-catching red, black and white three-color summer bridal dress, together with the geometric lines of the division, showing full of fashion means: black and white short dress skirt to outline the sexy oblique line, red jacket and pop The embellishment adds to the fashion fun.

2, pure atmosphere of the dress

Choose a lightweight suit, is to highlight the white silk to show the bride's elegant charm, cut the fit of the waist and lotus leaves tail fish skirt with, so that more highlights the bride's charming Oh

3, noble classic dress

Dignified classic black dress can not help some boring, may wish to be in the bride waist beam on a champagne ribbon, and then with a dazzling red satin small jacket, so with the summer bride dress with the red Hair band, round high heels echoes, instantly set off the bride's pretty temperament.