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Still feasting on party costumes with pink wedding dress a variety of party dresses
Elegant banquet short dress

Sexy shoulders design, simple and unique collar type, showing elegant and elegant, perfect modification of the neck line, highlighting the charming clavicle, creating a sexy temperament. You will become the focus no matter where you go.

One-shoulder banquet dress

The beautiful sexy one-shouldered design makes it elegant and elegant. The special plus size wedding dress horn sleeves are both stylish and beautiful.

Banquet dress dress

According to the Asians' body type, the cutting is done with advanced golden ratios, simple design, gracefulness, and exquisite details, as if tailor-made.

plus size wedding dress Lace slim dress

Exquisite stand-ups cut along the flowers, beautiful and delicate. Unlined lace sleeves, good ventilation. Special waist split line, let you visually high. Flower-shaped cut, beautiful bloom.

Bra strapless dress skirt

Sexy tube top design, more personal, elegant temperament, outlines graceful posture. Waist version of purple wedding dress the cut, cover your belly, more waist, simple and elegant irregular skirt design.

Pink harness dress dress

Tempered shoulder strap design, easy to adjust comfort, reveal the graceful curves of women. Exclusive custom metal belt, slim and unique style, you can freely adjust comfort.

Strapless Collar Dress Dress

The use of irregular folding tube top design highlights the three-dimensional sense of hierarchy, chic and elegant. The graceful curves of the X-shaped female figure are in line with each other, which can fully demonstrate and emphasize the charm of females, making them look gorgeous and lively.

Strapless collar dress

Individual character shoulders, rounded arcs, organized sutures and straight fabrics. Bold waistless design, self-cultivation version, clear outline shape, highlights the elegant line.