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So a fantastic dress, elegant and dignified, never in the closet! Suitable for all occasions
Banquet evening dress

Elegant word shoulder collar design, breaking the traditional monotonous sense, behind the strap design, bold yet sexy, not only beautiful and delicate, but also easy to adjust the size.

Gray party evening dress

Chest hand flower decoration, exquisite elegance. Sleeveless skirt, simple neat, deep v neckline design, sexy and charming.

A shoulder dress

In the sleeve transparent net yarn, comfortable not bar. Exquisite embroidery, short before the long skirt design, as well as removable word shoulders, highlights the charming clavicle.

Lace dress

casual dresses Lace fabric production, romantic atmosphere, sleeveless perspective design, decorated the shoulder lines. Sexy charming collar type, blend of romantic lace elements, dignified and elegant, usually can wear!

Bridesmaid dress

Elegant flower girl dresses and elegant collar, highlighting the feminine feminine. Word shoulder yarn in the sleeve design, the upper body has a beautiful flower embellishment, upper body was temperament.

Was thin evening dress

Double shoulder section of the evening dress, body balance, style modeling grasp the precision, showing the female S-shaped curve, the upper body of the flowers decorated, more tenderness.

The word shoulder dress

Three-dimensional cut, waist version of the type, blossoming embroidery around the waist, looked slender waist, depicting sexy figure. Sexy one-sided design, elegant and generous.

Short evening dress

Light and transparent net yarn Peng Peng sleeve, create a lovely cute princess temperament. Waist bow three-dimensional waist, Slim was thin

The word shoulder dress

Sexy diamond corner design, with evening dresses lace lace, the release of elegant charm, sweet bow waist, so that the waist slim pleasant.