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Senior wedding dress, is the dream of every girl!
2017 spring new collar long-sleeved wedding dress

The bride long tail wedding, you can modify the small fat on the arm, elegant back design, exquisite flowers, together with the straps constitute a stunning back, detailed neat package edge technology , Put it on, Jiaoren eyes bright, never forget!

Chinese-style retro collar collar design, Ming country flavor flavor! With a unique lace pattern, like a jade-like exquisite, its unique design hidden Oriental feminine implicit classical charm, exquisite small package shoulder, filling the elegant temperament.

Pregnant women high waist wedding dress

2017 new bride married plus fat to increase the size of the wedding dress, pure white charming light robe gown dust as the sky side of the road that neon color Xia, as the Seduction Xianyi, through Ying Yan blooming, as the water Hibiscus , Ethereal magic beauty. You are the most beautiful bride.

Fat mm graduation dresses was thin out of the wedding, veil diarrhea of the fiber body posture, magnificent Phoenix feather silk stacked, with high waist design, Peng Peng skirt highlights the exquisite slender waist a surplus, moving , Enchanting sexy bloom. New tail wedding dress

pink wedding dress Thin and thin tulle, blooming with the wind and light of the beauty of the dream, sexy Bra, sketched full of chest, to develop women's charming and moving, to enhance the dignified and noble sense! Romantic light extravagant skirt skirt, exudes an elegant gorgeous gas field, shocked the audience will lose a single product, to create a fascinating charm of the bride!

Summer big tail luxury wedding

Light and elegant big tail, pure temperament diffuse open, like ripples. Dressed in light of the big tail wedding, love from your black silk has been waiting until you love the white sideburns. Looming package shoulder design, modify the slender arm, from the details to create exquisite. Slim was thin version of the design, outline the sexy charming graceful posture.

The new word shoulders big tail wedding

Elegant and chic one shoulder design, vivid images of flowers and exquisite embroidery embellishment in the white yarn above, immortal beauty. Irregular chiffon waist design, sexy and charming. Shocking the luxury of the tail to add a layer of thin white gauze, holy and elegant, or line or sit maxi dresses to show the dignified and elegant women, highlight your romantic beauty of the wind.