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Romantic wedding season, put on a classic Chinese dress, do the most beautiful bride
Gentle little graduation dresses woman, to be married boudoir, the son to work together to spend a lifetime life good? Choose auspicious day, put on a special wedding dress hold your hand to spend a lifetime, the establishment of a happy family!

The red dress wrapped in the bride waiting for me to be married, festive cover can not conceal the gorgeous bloom, into a crazy into the crazy, pumping away all your charming, grinding into your head stream of flowers, The moment you are my beautiful bride.

Exquisite satin on the dragon and phoenix pattern three-dimensional embroidery, Chinese embroidery craft heritage, festive Chinese wedding dress. Unique three-dimensional waist Slim design, showing graceful waist curve sense. Marriage will be the United States and da da!

Beautiful and delicate gold thread embroidery, for you to create a dream wedding dress, beautiful embroidery highlight your elegance and beauty, show the design of the retro style without losing the sense of fashion, simple exudes extravagance, a symbol of life's happiness and wealth The

Xiu Wo service is the traditional Chinese wedding dress, a lot of female stars are also used to show off the show clothes, show sweater and sub-oblique skirt and lapel, the overall design to loose the main, you can just right to express the bride's gentle.

A delicate exquisite show clothes make you a bright star, let you gas field bursting! People are difficult to resist the beauty of luxury, what is more than the delicate process of Chinese show Wofu brilliant!

Fashion elegant, sexy Slim, retro embroidered multi-layer sleeves can better modify the arm lines, micro-shaking three-dimensional shape is full of type, elegant and moving.

The use of a hundred elements of life symbol of wealth, love happy, deputy three more. Embroidery with the most prestigious world of intangible cultural heritage Su embroidery process, pin dense, pattern lifelike.

Handmade embroidery, traditional wedding dress in a needle line, are embodied in the traditional continuation and classic heritage, also full of craftsmen's focus and the pursuit of quality.

purple wedding dress China Xiuhe style fashion stand design, it is delicate chic; exquisite embroidery, lines clear, exquisite delicate, retro flavor full; exquisite embroidery with the atmosphere of petite dresses the cuff design, highlighting the low-key luxury.