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Marriage with different themes of the wedding to match the different forms of clothes, so you win all the people favor
Now people are increasingly demanding the quality of life, wedding photographs popular in the form of brigade, the wedding also has a wide range of Western-style wedding, Chinese wedding, lawn wedding and so on. Then the different forms of wedding should be with what kind of toast service, in order to bring out the elegant oneself.

purple wedding dress Toast style

The style of the toast can be determined according to the style of the wedding. If it is a Chinese wedding, you can choose cheongsam or dragon and phoenix coat. Cheongsam on the body's requirements are still relatively high, in general, is more suitable for tall bride bride. Cheongsam can set off the curve of the body; legs better bride, you can choose to split the style, more highlights the advantages of sexy and very charm; high collar cheongsam is suitable for better temperament, and the neck is relatively long long bride The If it is a poor body of the bride can choose Longfeng gown, both festive and can cover the lack of body. If it is Western-style wedding, the best choice dress, dress style can be selected according to their own preferences.

Toast style

Toast style, the best choice to help move the toast service. In addition to the beautiful, but also taking into account the security issues, after all, toast is to go full, if the action is not easy to wrestling and the like, in addition, the best choice is not easy to go light on the dress, if the guests Wine and other embarrassing things, bent down on the inevitable, gone on the bad. After all, wedding day, the bride is not only the most important beauty, it is appropriate, generous decent

Choose a tasting suit according to the season

Winter, the hotel will not be too cold, coupled with the atmosphere of the wedding scene lively, toast service will not have much impact, but in order to prevent colds, cold cold bride who can choose to add a plush with a shawl, Both to enhance the temperament, but graduation dresses also resist the cold. Spring and autumn, are generally cooler in the morning and evening, so in the choice of worship service, purple wedding dress you can choose in the bridesmaid dresses dress with a shade of the same color. The choice of the summer is more, but in order to protect the anti-light, or recommended prospective bride choose a long section of the toast service.

The color of the tasting suit

For the choice of the color of the toast service, are generally red. No matter what the texture, what style, red both meet the wedding festive atmosphere, and with a good, but also shows the bride's lovely and temperament. However, in recent years, the color of the tasting suit also has a lot of choices, such as purple, pink, lake blue, blue and green and other colors are the choice of wedding dress color. The bride can also according to their own preferences and color to choose other colors toast service, as long as you do not choose too deep color can be.

Noble pink

Pink has always been considered a lovely color, but these several bridal dress design is lovely in the addition of a trace of noble and romantic. White gold bullion out of a good figure, better highlight the noble dress, filled with a sense of drape skirt show the bride slender figure.

Elegant lotus color

Lotus color bride dress highlights a unique elegance of the United States, gold pattern mosaic, combined with the lotus color to bring a different feeling. And lotus color and skin color fit, to the bride's curves and background set off more bright and beautiful.

Fresh blue

Fresh blue bridal dress, this touch of blue can make you set off more pure and moving, simple yet gorgeous folds, the whole dress set off more elegant and noble. No doubt added to the dress a touch of playful and vitality.

Bright champagne

Champagne gives the impression is noble and elegant, of course, this short champagne dress is no exception, white printed patterns, playful bow design, each from the designer's ingenuity, involuntarily show the bride's Charming and elegant temperament.