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Long tail dream wedding dress, outline the bride's dream of holiness.
The new word shoulder high waist Korean long tail dream wedding dress

maxi dresses Because we know that each bride is pursuing slimming, the wedding dress uses three-dimensional tailoring, so that the layered yarn is like a flower produced in the body and naturally blooms.

Application of the human body golden ratio design, high waist, let the curve slim, wear classic temperament, hand-applied lace decal full shirt, plus bright diamond beads embellishment, better outline the bride's dream of holiness.

Korean style thin shoulder long tail wedding dress

Elegant shoulder design, flashing bright diamonds and beads to embellish, highlighting the perfect curve at the same time shows the mortal sense of different people. Luxurious romantic trails, beautiful dreams between walks, fluffy and smooth, like a fairy tale princess.

Three-dimensional waist cut, fit the body curve, outline the perfect golden ratio figure, combined with three-dimensional lace bright diamond embellishment, perfect fitting body curve, and firmly seize everyone's attention.

Europe and the United States petite dresses Princess pregnant women long tail wedding

Holy romantic long tail, fairy beauty dream, realize your dream of princess. The loose-fitting version design not only covers the evening dresses pregnant belly but also outlines the charming and graceful posture!

High-quality mesh fabrics, enhanced version of the version of type, static is drape, the line is elegant, and then the "man" of women, will instantly come and go gentle and moving!

Luxury Palace Pregnant Woman Long Tail Wedding Dress

Brilliant beading decoration on the chest, to show off the extravagant European style! The back of the beautiful back is very good, with a bow decorated at the waist, so that pregnant women's waist is more slender and charming! Champagne luxury long tail design, material is very full, full of elegant goddess fashion range! You must be the most beautiful bride at the wedding.

Europe and the United States long tail pregnant women wedding

The gauze, lace and beads match the dreamy long tails, leaving the bride with breathtaking beauty! The high-waist design promotes ample room for exercise and cares for the baby.

Exquisite tailoring and high-quality fabrics reflect the high quality and quality of the wedding dress, which can highlight the uniqueness of the bride and make the people's attention and envy!