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Let these 8 fine dress to the bride bridesmaid beauty if angel
Long lace embroidery bridal dress

Chest and sleeves are made of skin lace design, coupled with exquisite embroidery, even more technology, the yarn is also quite fairy skirt.

short wedding dress The monument to the tail of the bride toast

Word collar collar combination of fish lace wedding dress tail design, so that the buttocks more obvious lines, the combination of red and gold, but also to the dress is full of extravagance.

One hand collar skirt bridesmaid dress

Waist with bow waist, very self-cultivation, coupled with Peng Peng's skirt, more lovely sweet, elegant color is also very fresh.

Short multi-color bridesmaid dress

Elegant bridesmaid dress is very beautiful, a variety of styles and colors, more selective, high cost also let the bridesmaids more beautiful.

Short paragraph elegant skirt bridesmaid dress

The use evening gowns of skirt design, so that beach wedding dress bridesmaid dress more lovely feeling, but also very thin, there are long skirt is very suitable for the bride.

Red squeaky bride dress

Red style is very suitable for the bride toast to wear, coupled with the tail of the fish tail cut, more prominent body curve, very eye-catching.

Short paragraph elegant wedding bridesmaid dress

Using a unique shoulder design, very chic, behind the invisible zipper is very generous, high-quality fabric permeability is also better.

Short lace bride toast dress

Waist design of the combination of skirt style, so that dress more waist, lace decorations are also very beautiful, increase the feminine.