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Korean wedding dress solemn, soft and simple combination
Princess type

Petite and thin body of the bride, you can choose to pick high waist design, so that the hem section elongated. Wedding formal dresses bride, should choose a deeper collar or V-shaped collar, plus size dresses the neck will look more slender.

Skirt type

Fullness of the bride. Choose long-sleeved style or V-shaped waist, Korean wedding photography visual effects will be better. Chest full of bride.

Not suitable: petite little bride, too large skirt will make you look smaller. Upper body is very slim, lower body is full of bride

Body type

bridesmaid dresses Slender bride, can show a good body curve. Shanghai wedding petite exquisite delicate bride.

Not suitable for: the lower body than the upper body full of many brides. Do not want too much to show the body curve of the bride.

Trailing type

High waist, long skirt is the most distinctive feature of this wedding. In the chest fit close, can be decorated with a variety of flower effect. Skirt was slightly A-shaped, fully show the shoulder and chest lines, waist and buttocks also have a good cover effect, reflecting the aristocratic luxury temperament.

Korean wedding photography is not suitable: the body is more petite bride.

Deep v squeaky wedding dress

Crystal beads floral flower V collar, through the yarn lacquer muscle hourglass sexy, a small waist waist charm, flowers, including the palm of your hand tightly crotch highlights the charming buttocks, through the tires of the sexy half-fish tail skirt petite dresses , Fairy fairy through the hazy beauty, light and luxurious and not Yang, Xianyi magic beauty, smiles a beautiful so beautiful.

Fish tail tail bride wedding dress

Flower of the shock, a large number of clusters! High value of flowers to marry ~! Cents beauty, intuitive vision! Blossoming petals, thorough, Qingyi, light drag, Xianyi dust demeanor! Between the breeze, slightly dragging the petals of the corner, look at the line of silk branches, flower vine, fine embroidery, picturesque.