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How should you wear when you get married? I'll tell you!
Compared to the Western-style white wedding dress, Chinese dress can bring a sense of belonging and a sense of joy, and now the Chinese dress is no longer just the older generation of the only pet, it has become the object of the moment favored by young people.

beach wedding dress Chinese dress to festive mainly. Chinese dress is about the bright words, the color is mainly red and gold-based, dragon and phoenix pattern meaning auspicious happiness. In the Chinese dress, the most common is nothing more than the dragon and the dragon gown, show Wofu and cheongsam these three categories, although they are different in the design, but can be a good embodiment of the Oriental women's quiet and generous, lifelike The pattern also let the bride more cute sense.

Toast is the best. Speaking of toast service, the most important thing is generous decent, can highlight the beautiful at the same time can not be too exaggerated, so the curve of the tight dress or cheongsam is a good choice. Remember to choose a good texture of the fabric, with friends and family close plus size wedding dress contact time to show the most perfect state. Peach pink, compared to the red more charming and elegant, ultra-personal version of the type of body to show the perfect body. Choose a slightly skirt cheongsam, will not expose the body defects, while making their own more noble. Tips: the lower body slightly fat crush the best choice skirt with a split cheongsam, toast when walking will be more convenient Oh.

Beautiful accessories decorated with exquisite details. "In addition to clothing, in addition to clothing, and ultimately, there are headdress, simple accessories can make the overall match with a more complete and perfect." cocktail dresses Save the traditional red hijab, the Chinese wedding headdress also followed a change, hairpin, hairpin, tin, grate and step to form the most important part. To the bride has added some Smart beauty.

Chinese wedding shoes and clothing with the perfect match. Although the length of the Chinese wedding dress will generally go to the foot, the shoes are basically inconspicuous, but each bride must be in their wedding day to do the most perfect one, so although the shoes may be inconspicuous, but also pick a pair beautiful!