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High-end custom wedding dress, to create your exclusive happiness
New word shoulder tail wedding

Very luxurious a wedding, elegant and simple word shoulder design, revealing charming clavicle and Xiangzhan, coupled with the manual hand Dingzhu, sexy yet elegant ~

flower girl dresses Waist of the bow hair exudes a fresh dream of beauty, charming and charming; long tail, fantastic net yarn encrusted three-dimensional lace flowers, elegant lace flowers and hazy mesh matched, lovely.

Word long tail wedding dress

Fashionable Bra with the design of the lotus leaf sleeve, set out the white skin, strapless little sexy to give you a skillful temperament, the atmosphere of the lace embroidery process can make you stand out.

Large tail skirt body design, heritage hand-grasping lace skirt, romantic atmosphere, hand-beaded embroidery embellishment, Smart dream, more luxury and noble; Slim version, stylish telescopic strap design, more highlights the bride's grace Posture.

Champagne word long tail wedding dress

Elegant lace design, exposing the neck of the white and soft, more delicate temperament; luxury lace, bright crystal beads beaded upper body, and petal-shaped breast design, so that the chest is more three-dimensional full, so that the bride more noble.

Slim version of the type, three-dimensional cut, the bride graceful grace to show the most incisive; long tail, dream elegant, like a fairy tale.

Long trailing brushed wedding dress

S version of the type, simple but not casual dresses simple, so that self-cultivation lines look more natural, flowers, embroidery, embellishment of the body, beautiful, fairy wind around, temperament pressing.

This wedding combines a sexy Tube Top, fantastic tail, beautiful lace, can be said that pink wedding dress all the elements of the dream of the bride it has; back strap design, you can freely stretch, sexy charming, build your goddess temperament.