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Girlfriend wearing a cheongsam wedding dress dress like a fairy
Chinese dress female wedding dress

This cheongsam dress is the traditional handicraft display, word buckle and fine embroidery is the main embodiment of the traditional process, it purple wedding dress uses the traditional process of interpretation of the dignified women.

Chinese wedding dress costume tasting suits

cheap wedding dress This cheongsam is the traditional craft to build, exquisite lapel design, the use of traditional Chinese elements of material, perfect modification and show a woman's soft.

Slim cheongsam wedding dress

It's buckle design, fine texture, highlight the essence of the traditional process. Its biggest bright spot is that it is the design of the pattern, the overall embroidery pattern exquisite beauty.

Slim cheongsam wedding dress

Retro charm revealed in the whole body from top to bottom, so no matter who wear, naturally will be distributed to people difficult to move the romantic line of sight.

Type wedding dress costume tasting suit

Cheongsam is the most classic design of traditional costumes, not only to show the grace of women line and line, but also presents the meaning of prom dresses women meaningful. But also make the wedding more distinctive, people more memorable.

New self-cultivation red married bride dress

Chinese-style collar, exquisite Phoenix embroidery, symmetrical and orderly three-dimensional carved, classical three-layer cuffs, bright silk yarn skirt design, not only highlights the grace of the posture, the bride elegant state to show.

The new summer wedding dress cheongsam

Gorgeous shiny satin fabric, dignified beauty of the large collar, dragon and phoenix Xiangxiang embroidery patterns, crafted before and after the waist design, clever show slender waist, showing the bride's perfect body curve.