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Flowers, beautiful years, Oriental women's Chinese dress, amazing the world
Long Chinese dress

This wedding evening gowns dress long tail design, elaborate, heavy industry embroidery, phoenix crown Xia, dragon and phoenix coat, very nice atmosphere of a Chinese dress. This Dragon and Phoenix jacket design of Chinese dress, colorful velvet festive auspicious, long tail, suitable for all kinds of body, strong Chinese style, highlight the taste.

Chinese dress bride cheongsam

Beautiful embroidery, gold and silver line encryption embroidery, into the traditional buckle, clothing body Peony meaning a good happy, wearing a red, husband and wife harmony, concentric good. In recent years, Chinese-style dress instead of Western-style wedding, has gradually begun to tend to Chinese wedding. Among them, many stars will choose a Chinese wedding as a monk of one of the essential dress, so do not get married you quickly prepare a bar

Improved Chinese wedding dress

This Chinese wedding dress, improved cheongsam style, when married to wear such a classic dress, noble, elegant wind let you experience at any time. China thousands of years of embroidery culture with the traditional stand, to show the oriental women's graceful temperament. Romantic tail, so that the bride feel happy taste, must be the dream of each girl's mind.

cheap wedding dress Chinese wedding dress

Chinese-style buckle collar collar design, classical charm full of exquisite Phoenix embroidery rich symbol, noble quality, gestures between the noble and elegant, back heavy art embroidery design, turned behind unabated. Gold and red atmosphere combination, has always been a symbol of China, Seiko heavy embroidery, reflecting the Oriental women's plus size wedding dress classical atmosphere, side fork, sexy charm from bloom.

Fishtail Chinese toast dress

This is suitable for respect to wear, elegant collar, fine embroidery, cheongsam style to retain the fusion of modern tail fish skirt design, just to make evening dresses you more beautiful and moving. In the traditional Chinese concept, the red robe plus embroidery craft, generally on behalf of the festive things, collar lace stitching, highlighting the sexy feminine, so that women's important day beautiful and beautiful.

Chinese wedding dress wedding dress

Traditional gold line package edge, exquisite collar, highlighting women gentle and soft. With modern butterfly sleeves, cleverly cover arm flesh, waist three-dimensional cut, in the important days to refuse bloated. Dignified and gentle stature, full of temperament, Chinese-style embroidery, exquisite craftsmanship, show graceful figure. Elegant short-sleeved sleeve design, better modification of the arm lines, so that the bride's slender hand slender and delicate.