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Fish tail toast dress, to be a happy bride
Chinese Tang suit dragon and phoenix wedding dress

Chinese Tanglian Longfeng gown wedding beautiful, package edge collar, gold thread trim, highlight the beauty of luxury Chinese clothing, exquisite Tang Zhuang Longfeng embroidery patterns, filling gestures between the elegant and noble.

2017 new word shoulder wedding

This beautifully designed shoulder is a very long sleeve wedding dress good design of the breast, more full of vision. Back hand-regulated straps, patchwork lines smooth and beautiful, more self-cultivation. Romantic fantasy big skirt, layers of flowers spread, full of light and soft noble temperament.

Fish tail toast bride dress

Classical lace word collar design, exquisite package hip fish tail treatment, just the Slim version of the type, look dignified and gentle, gorgeous embroidery, meticulous reflect the beautiful oriental gas field ancient charm.

Short paragraph toast bride dress

Exquisite soft, gorgeous embroidery, lace fabric, full pattern, colorful, graceful waist effect filling the Oriental women's graceful.

Spring bride wedding dress

petite dresses Elegant design white dress elegant, impressive temperament with beautiful lace, how can not be loved by every woman, pleated plastic waist version and fine hand-cut, layers of gauze gracefully beautiful.

Chinese dress bride wedding dress

High-end art inspiration to avant-garde embroidery pattern design, not the same perfect transformation, youthful atmosphere filled with vitality gives pure beauty beautiful and glamorous.