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Exquisite elegant bridesmaid dress to create fashion atmosphere bridesmaid
Wedding actress is naturally beautiful, but the supporting actress can not wear too bad, so as to give your wedding icing on the cake. In recent years, lace dress is often used in a popular element, it can make people look like fashion atmosphere.

Bare pink color has been popular in recent years, this fashion bridesmaid dress aspect of its collar, simple folds, so that the whole dress looks full of design, fine three-dimensional cut a good modification of the body The I think this dress, placed in front of the bridesmaids should be today all the fashionable dress in the most sought-after one!

purple wedding dress According to the survey if the bride does not choose white yarn, then champagne is their red dress first choice. So, I believe that champagne fashion dress, it should be the bridesmaid's preferred color. This bride and groom dress lace and other differences, that is, it is in the Qiao yarn above the hooked lace pattern children, and in the skirt, cuffs and other places with lace hook in the form of pressure, material and style unique , Let it in these several dress as a finale dress appearance!

Usually the brides will choose their own bridesmaid pink, champagne, sky blue ... ... fashion dress. Black, really rare. Actually, if you want your wedding to be creative enough, it is not impossible to try. Of course, this must be consistent with your theme can be, this is a constant criteria. From the black lace A word skirt, in the waist with a black silk short wedding dress belt, skirt folds design, so that the whole bridesmaid dress looks lively and playful, this is definitely a fine atmosphere for your wedding scene extra points. You may wish to try this a small fashion dress!

Sky blue lace dress is one of the most common styles of bridesmaid dress. Skirt body to lace hollow elements, simple and generous style, belt design just modified the bridesmaid's curve body, which is Dessy's consistent style, fresh but not casual; simple but not simple!

Warm and romantic rose red Whether it is with chiffon or silk can show the best state, very suitable for the wedding. If the bride's wedding dress with a little red red embellishment, then the bridesmaid dress in the red dress fashion dress is appropriate. If you think this rose too bright, you can also choose a small white dress, in the waist or weaving flowers and so on and then decorated with rose red, so the effect is very perfect.

Pink has always been a sweet romantic synonymous, so this color is very suitable for use as a bridesmaid dress. But in the choice of pink bridesmaid dress when the attention to its bright and shades, too pretty words will make people seem not stable enough. For the lively and lovely bridesmaids, you can choose a floral, lattice or stitching pink dress, so that both can highlight the lively and pretty, but also dignified and stable.