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Encounter Iraqi people, only the European root yarn accompanied
Beautiful and transparent European root yarn is the girl's feelings of poetry, texture and crisp, with elegant and elegant, people can not help but love. It is a kind of unspeakable noble, often used as elegant and elegant wedding dress. Today, this element of fresh and refined has evening gowns long been from the beautiful wedding dress to the fashion industry. Beautiful skirt, overflowing costumes, no matter what style of clothing, as long as the correct match with the elements of the root can wear a different kind of elegant, romantic life. Texture of high-grade is the representative of the root of the root of the vocabulary, whether it is sexy and elegant aesthetic dress, or can be mixed with a trace of charming elegant A-shaped skirt, can wear clothing full of feminine and infinite charm.

Eugen yarn dress: beautiful

Every girl has a princess dream, fantasy himself is the protagonist of the fairy tale, waiting for the arrival of the prince. Beautiful clothes always give people a noble short wedding dress face and innocent tenderness. This Europe root yarn dress, the United States into a fairy tale did not discuss, tenderness of the tone, texture, soft white gauze, giving a warm feeling. A color of the design, fashion cut and style, with an indescribable beauty of the century. Cascading visual effects, just the length of the length of the United States if the angel!

Eugen yarn A word skirt: intellectual

This year, popular in the political celebrities and fashion ladies is Shuya in the long skirt. Perfect wrapped hips, modified beautiful legs lines, white and elegant, slender slender, inadvertently conveyed a woman's unique sexy and beautiful. Recommended this one of the European root yarn A word in the long skirt, is the goddess of the essential things. Exquisite playing background, micro-bomb high-grade material, fit the skin figure, will not feel tight. Classic knee design, revealing sexy charming calf, look tall, full of endless tenderness. Fashion masters have long been their own elegant temperament of the European root yarn applied to various fields. Gemini elements, each other against the background, minutes of beauty into the princess.

Exquisite lace + European root yarn

Lace has always been the goddess of the standard token, has a pivotal position in the world. When the rich romantic lace encounter beautiful as the angel of the European root yarn, is definitely the sweetest combination. This is a European root yarn lace dress, beautiful inadvertently presented. Exquisite lace and texture superior European root yarn perfect blend together, layers of music, such as piano sound from the moving music. Three-dimensional fashion design, just right of the waist lines, graceful, slim and moving.

plus size wedding dress Elegant printing + Euclidean yarn

Hot summer cool and literary flavor of the printing, small fresh colors so that the whole summer are exudes vitality. Her fusion with the European root yarn, even added a trace of sweet! This is designed for the summer to create the Eugen yarn print dress, to create a good life of the goddess of life. Large and small printing, as a elf, colorful. Exquisite embellishment of the European root yarn, it seems just right, fresh and elegant, temperament outstanding, really beautiful and da da.

Classical embroidery + root yarn

Beautiful and delicate retro embroidery and the perfect fusion of the root of the yarn to achieve the love of the century. Embroidery, this maxi dresses is the name of the family representatives, and now, with the European style of the European root yarn collision, it is really beautiful people heart. Exquisite and elegant hand-embroidery, the finest of the craft, with beautiful and thin yarn material, is definitely the beauty of Chinese and Western beauty.