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Elegant yarn dress, round you a wedding princess dream
Pink purple half skirt

short wedding dress Soft and delicate mesh fabric is full of cultural retro tone, big skirt even more elegant playful. Waist kneeling at the matte ribbon, both sides of the streamer design, beautiful and romantic. Three layers of skirt through the layers of the network overlay with a progressive change in color, pink and purple color is revealing the feeling of fantasy.

Qingbo green wild skirt

Dream of the Qingbo green like a breeze Xu, elegant big bust design highlights women graceful posture, waist with the same color matte custom ribbon stitching, gentle and romantic. The waist of the streamer design, elongated lower body ratio, to create a large long leg of the visual effects. Just gentle to the heart of the ~

Bohemian chiffon skirt

Imported jin silk chiffon fabric short wedding dress vertical and gentle, elegant breathable, glowing faint pearl luster, not dazzling but not mediocre. 4 pieces cut 8 meters big swing, the classic big swing dress style, slightly slightly A type, highlighting the Smart, the heart how much, how much skirt!

Sweet and soft thin mesh skirt

Sweet and gentle pink and bright summer sun shine, good texture of the yarn plus size wedding dress has a good drape, strong type. Outside a layer of mesh with fine white and deep color embroidery embroidery, and deep coffee color embroidery is decorated with the same color beads, so that the whole dress more refined.