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Elegant and elegant shoulder wedding dress
Was thin long tail tail dress

Wedding on the delicate lace flowers and shiny pearl sequins modified, 3d three-dimensional waist, patchwork bandage design lines beautiful and smooth, you can adjust the size.

Long tail wedding dress

Feathers decorated with a cap collar, originality of the three-dimensional cut, highlights the thousands of waist, straps can be freely adjusted elastic.

short wedding dress Was a thin shoulder wedding

Classic purple wedding dress slim style, original slim version of the effect was thin, the Chinese palace wind retro back strap can be adjusted tight, fantasy skirt to create a beautiful vision.

Tail long sleeves wedding dress

Beautiful romantic lace word shoulder collar design, pure hand lace decals, exquisite craft sewing, flexible fish bone waist, well-designed body sculpting effect, the back is plus size dresses more tall and straight body more elegant.

Korean style was thin wedding dress

Shining with the distribution of brilliant brilliance, traditional cutting technology highlights the waist, human poncho skirt design show full princess Fan children.

Was a thin shoulder wedding

Pure hand lace cloth, elegant hollow shoulder design, bright and beads to be decorated, three-dimensional waist. Cut the humanized bandage design, beautiful and generous. Luxury romantic big tail.

Korean version was thin Slim wedding

Stylish and elegant white lace word shoulder design, gold ratio of three-dimensional Slim cut, simple bow belt decoration, to show elegant aesthetics, exquisite waist design more prominent waist.

Korean lace wedding dress

Three-dimensional lace embroidery patch decoration, complex process, 3d three-dimensional cut, elastic fish bone waist design stretch body lines.