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Dress dress is not too grand, but can wear a dignified elegance and self-confidence
Body wrap hip tattoo lotus leaf dress

Neat cut, handsome neat, waist folds wrapped with the body, the proportion of the body is very good friends. Squat Slim, skirt below is lotus leaf, an increase of Smart, fashionable style.

Slim dress long dress

red dress Skirt body are stitching retro lace flowers, semi-perspective effect, wrapped in a graceful curve. Its dignified and well-behaved, well managed, formal dresses and inclusive

Large pendants long casual dress

May wish to wear her party or party, skirt version of the type has been skirt on the vertical pattern of weaving pattern will allow you to stand out in the crowd!

V-neck pure white temperament dress

The color of this shirt, pure white, very pure, beautiful, noble princess has a feminine elegant white, is the choice of office women!

Knitted large dress

This texture is particularly special, color and level richer, in the plane showing a three-dimensional, showing its regularity.

Slim blouse + nine points pencil pants fashion suit

Creative is very special, lace stitching yarn, the use of fine lace, one to see to know extraordinary, lace pattern semi-perspective, delicate and delicate details, elegant also a little sexy.

V-collar printed lotus leaf dress

This is the feeling of wearing their own leader, set elegant, mysterious, sexy in one. I am very fond of the printing of a single product, innovative design novel, classical and modern combination of very good.

Temperament hollow dress

Very type, short wedding dress sexy dignified, red dress gestures thousands, will be a good figure glance ah. Style waist, semi-permeable effect, looming sexy, is quite amazing.