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Choose the wedding dress before you need to master the three major knowledge!
bridesmaid dresses The wedding is one of the happiest moments of every person's life! In this day, the bride and groom will be their most handsome, the most touching side to show to everyone, the bride will certainly choose a wedding dress or Chinese dress, the groom should choose how to clothing it?

The suit has become a men's wedding dress, are said to wear suits of the man is walking the hormones, these words are all right, men wear suits, the body naturally tall and straight, elegant manner, immediately become the focus of the audience!

The color of the visual impact of the largest, the color of the insurance is certainly black, white, blue, of course, if the election at the beach wedding can also choose the blue suit, more style features. If the color of the suit because of the choice of suit color deviation, it can help custom designers, professional custom designers will be based on the groom's color and temperament to recommend the most suitable fabric color. Of course, if you do not want to customize, then choose a grand black suit will not be wrong!

Men's suits common styles include: single-breasted a buckle, single row of two buckle and single row of three buckle and double-breasted; back single split and double open and no split; collar type flat collar, Collar collar and green fruit collar. In general, double split is more suitable for young people, but cheap wedding dress also now a popular style of suit style. prom dresses Closure of the collar more flat collar collar wide, with a strong retro meaning. Single-breasted suit more double-breasted suit more formal, no matter what time, the bottom of a suit is not a buckle on the Department of the buckle. Of course, the most formal, the most solemn is certainly the green fruit collar tuxedo, take a white dress shirt, is the most solemn wedding etiquette!

Wedding is one of the most formal occasions, so the suit is also very particular about. With tie or tie is possible, the best choice on the wedding bright colors or compare with the shirt ride. Fine stripes are also good. Pattern color can be bright little, to add some more festive atmosphere.

Mention suits accessories, the first thought is the pocket towel, can be called the gorgeous embellishment of the suit. In the match, according to the color of the tie or tie to determine the color of the pocket towel, the most basic with the most secure way, and the most white white, classic. In addition, cufflinks and groom corsage is the most delicate part, but also allows others to see who is the protagonist. So, with the bride's bouquet with a choice is a good idea. In addition to flowers, the meat, feathers can be used as corsage.