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Choose the toast dress, make a special bride
Red toast toast

Like the day met you, the wind in April is always so gentle, gently blowing hair, your lord under the shade, white skirt covered with mottled shadow, intricate squid, it is truly beautiful The

Wedding dress wedding dress

Selection of imported palace lace, touch three-dimensional, elegant, lace depicts a beautiful sexy figure, heavy hand-sewn crystal drill in the lace bloom, prom dresses upper body complicated diamond, with texture, luxury and romantic characteristics of the characteristics of sexy charm At the same time even more women off your elegant and luxurious.

Long-sleeved warm toast service

Retro red silk color big round neck, simple fashion, modern charm, blue wedding dress flanging a large circle of Yan Yan, soft and noble lace cuffs, and vaguely tulle intertwined, petals hanging in the arm, simply beautiful.

Sexy gray toast

The designer after several measurements to modify, intentions for every customer sake, so the design of the dress does not pick the body, including all the body of the girl, slightly wide shoulders, tighten the waist, natural fold release hem, soft Beautiful, the most able to reflect the elegance of women elegant temperament.

Wine red lace bride toast service

Elegant color always maintained a fresh, beautiful dream design and innovative style highlights our fashion attitude, three-dimensional cutting process, waist was thin design, show your bright enchanting posture.

New long tribute service

Slim version, decent tailoring, fashionable atmosphere, clear contours, highlight the elegant sense of the line, just right to outline the graceful posture.

Bride fish tail toast

Elegant and charming, slightly exposed clavicle, highlighting the enchanting curve at the same time show a different kind of dignity of the mortal, skirt waist unique tail cut, more in line with the oriental female body, just to create a visual focus.

Chinese wedding dress cheongsam dress

plus size dresses Highlight the noble and elegant, classic traditional Chinese lapel design, exquisite cotton silk edge processing, classical elegance, charm infinite; button is to ensure that the quality and grade Xiuhe an important detail, the traditional buckle design, hand-sewn classical flavor full.