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Charm wedding show beautiful bride
Wedding may be a woman's life the most important clothes, it symbolizes a woman's happiness, highlighting your most beautiful and happy moment. But the beauty of the wedding must be suitable for their own, can bring out your perfect body and temperament, it is your best wedding.

Pure white wedding can not only show you pure and beautiful, that puff of white yarn also let you wear as noble princess as elegant. Pure colors because of different styles, not only does not seem monotonous, even more holy, coupled with a high heels, turned the most beautiful bride.

1. The first round of the tail wedding dress

Beautiful and sexy, so you like a fireworks like bright bloom. Simple and generous style makes you look generous and elegant, with lace embellishment, increased the complexity of the process, it is fine and beautiful, so you show the little woman's good. Upper body three-dimensional lace embroidery, so you put on graduation dresses more beautiful.

2. Qi simple simple wedding dress

Wearing a beautiful wedding dress, to participate short wedding dress in a Shengshi wedding. Pure pregnant women style, tailored for the mother, put on a better modification of the body, showing temperament. Charm of the V-neck, plus lace's lace, better outline your delicate clavicle, even more sexy and charming.

3. Bra belly wedding

Life only once the wedding, wear clothing belongs to your own goddess Fan. Bra repair version of the type of cut, coupled with the embellishment of flowers, not only look sexy charming, more women are charming fashion and yet elegant. Fashionable strap design size adjustment is convenient, better modification of the body.

beach wedding dress 4. Princess shoulders princess puff skirt wedding dress

Dream of the beautiful wedding, so that you like the princess as the bride. V-neck design can be better to show the girls slender sexy clavicle, the better show the bride's sexy. 3D stereoscopic version of the cut, the better show S curve of the body, to create sexy charming bride.