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Beautiful Chinese bride dress, beach wedding dress to your wedding to a Shengyan
Chinese wedding dress bride show clothes

Chinese-style encryption embroidery, personal three-dimensional cut, a better show proud of posture. Elegant skirt design, showing the classic woman's posture. Today's modern society is becoming more and more Westernized, and now popular with church weddings, wedding and so on, a white gauze wedding began to become the protagonist of the wedding, but a red show clothes more able to show full of traditional Chinese beauty, more Can show the charm of oriental women.

Chinese dress wedding dress

Love this life, to reproduce the traditional wedding customs. Attention to the buckle collar collar design, exquisite flower embroidery, fine lace, filling your luxury and elegant. Xiuhe service due to complex repair law and has exquisite embroidery, beautiful with traditional Chinese charm and dragon and phoenix embroidery more noble and gorgeous, so you put on as elegant and beautiful as ladylike.

Chinese dress toast

Classic Chinese embroidery, fine gold and silver embroidery, a symbol of good luck, so that your wedding more beautiful and festive. Red color more with auspicious meaning, put on more festive. Show the beach wedding dress beauty of China, for drunk beauty bride. The traditional emphasis on collar design, delicate contour processing, it is more dignified and gentle, full of temperament.

wedding dress Show the bride dress wedding dress

Exquisite embroidery design, filling your elegant and elegant, three-dimensional version of the type of design, you can better self-cultivation, so you have a good body. Traditional Chinese embroidery process, three-dimensional version of the type of cut, waist design, more thin to show you a beautiful figure, so you both seem elegant and elegant and charming.

Chinese style show bride wedding bride wedding dress

Chinese bride dress, the most able to reflect the traditional beauty of Chinese women, very popular with the bride's favorite. Big red with golden dragon and phoenix embroidery, even if only a detail, enough to make the bride beautiful to fly up!

Some new people will enter such a misunderstanding, only a tall man to perfectly control cheongsam, so that figure filling. The fact is not the case! Improved bridal dress design, based on respect for the traditional, into the new era of the atmosphere, more prominent girls convex body curve, great visual beauty.