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Beautiful bridesmaid wedding on another landscape
At pink wedding dress the wedding, the bridesmaid dress is best to choose a little lighter than the bride dress color, try not to wear pure white dress debut, if you must wear pure white, then the proposed election than the bride installed simple, so as to reflect their own gentle Generous, and not overwhelming.

Light-colored bridesmaid dress, will not win the bride's brilliance, but also set off their own beauty. This light pink dress, with a blue ribbon ribbon, cute petite, look particularly young, to attract the best man's eyes.

Deep V bridesmaid installed, in fact, is wearing a long skirt in summer, not only to flower girl dresses show a sexy woman, but also give a more emphasis on the feeling of the wedding. Carefully equipped with a large red bag, noble and generous.

dresses for women If it is more sensual girls were invited as a bridesmaid, you can consider wearing a black bridesmaid, simple design, clean and simple, usually also when the daily dress to wear, super obvious temperament.

White bridesmaid is the choice of most girls, this bridesmaid surface pattern is very elegant, with the bride's wedding just right, the design of the word collar clavicle more sexy, so temperament more special.

Lace and embroidery combination, highlighting the perfect curve petite dresses of women and noble temperament. Is the sanctuary of the pink more elegant? Wrapped in a careful design of the chest position, to the crowd endless imagination, so that the moment moments of eternity!

Xianqi full of mint green, fresh and seductive, Peng Peng cake layer style, put on a very princess Fan, chiffon material just like the interpretation of women like water soft. Such a bridesmaid dress, neither to grab the bride's limelight, but also to reflect their own beauty, why not.