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Autumn bride should choose which wedding dress Bohemian wedding style
Early autumn sunshine, bright and cocktail dresses not dazzling, in wedding dress the autumn of the weather held an outdoor wedding the best. Do not think that outdoor wedding is only the best choice in the summer, you know, the autumn has a strong outdoor color, fruit harvest and maple Hongyan, there are colorful wild flowers competing open.

To recommend to you is the Bohemian style wedding dress, the dream of elegant feeling, by many prospective bride's favorite, in the fall of the wind and the season, pick a Bohemian wind wedding, and then Appropriate.

Autumn and winter high-level clothing, white ladies dress elegant needs side of the appropriate hollow to break, short wedding dress playing Bohemia is to point with a small rebellious. Design inspiration from the wind and the mysterious power of the forest, translucent veil dots wedding to return you to the natural autumn bride. Free you can also pick up a small flower in the outdoors on the head, autumn afternoon, the suburbs of the wind will be some cool, with a wedding dress with a jacket is necessary.

Dressed in vertical white skirt is not just a typical Bohemian long skirt Fan children, as long as you enough goddess, there is no decorated pure dress can also be lazy autumn sun shining.

Lace Bra Bra The sexy clavicle, you want to stay outdoors in your carefully finishing side of the long hair, then put on a wide-brimmed felt hat, so that naughty autumn wind messing up your hair, this shape also emit Bohemia's casual atmosphere. Yes, the autumn outdoors, a soft berries color lipstick is the best choice, makeup and color and moisturizing.

Bohemian style long-sleeved and falling shoulder style, the autumn wind slightly blowing, pleated tulle sleeve wind floating, light white gauze even Xianqi, high design and more elegant.

To a beautiful flower with the description of the poem, we brought to their hometown - Beirut. Dressed in a piece of exquisite embroidery dress skirt models, stroll in the vitality of the green T station, as if the heyday of Beirut city ladies ladies in general, filling the innate aristocratic temperament.

Elegant white in his pen, sometimes light Smart, sometimes handsome personality. Chiffon, fold, and the iconic funnel design, over 60 years he used an old child's heart, these elements play out of his heart a perfect wedding.

maxi dresses Brought us a daylight dream of the space age. Exquisite flower embroidery and full of spring color, weaving a thick romantic atmosphere. And simple and neat tailoring, but also outlines the spirit of modern women's independence.