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Atmosphere Elegant dress style dress
White lace princess cake skirt

Can serve as a small dress dress, you want the woman it has, the cover of the cover, but white dress also immortal do not want, looming sense of space, you can make the overall shape more beautiful, the major occasions can be controlled ~

Customized burning flowers, pattern texture fine type, layers of cake skirt, with a playful yet elegant atmosphere, he is the flow of the United States, each layer has a soluble lace embellishment, the details of the treatment is very elegant, Wearing ta to go on holiday, the lens under the elegant skirt are playing!

White lace strapless princess dress

The bright spot is a part of the design of the sleeves, fluffy laminated lotus leaf design, rich in the three-dimensional sense of the sleeves, it is very beautiful, The United States ~

The use of wave point flocking fine yarn production, wave point mesh element is the current trend, big body version of A pendulum, using 360 degree cutting, modification curve, waist section of the cross-seam elongated leg lines, split gold ratio, It is obviously significantly thin it ~

Slim lace hollow sleeveless dress

This is a hand-made eyelash lace dress, straight micro A skirt, very playful, with pink mesh package edge of the fine collar type, lovely temperament, the whole dress with laminated stitching, time-consuming, but the effect is cocktail dresses amazing ~

Elegant and elegant fabric, thin and elegant wearing comfortable, there are slightly flexible, classic version of the lace dress can be daily wear, can also attend the event, Xian Qi no words, so you put on to feel tender feeling, I like ~

pink wedding dress Bead yarn a word dress

This issue of a small heavy dress, the upper body really supermearch, plain romanticism, the process of cumbersome cost and high, wearing a super-grade in the body ~

This small dress gold thread embroidery and hand-beaded two parts, gold line up and down the cuffs before and after the back more than ten positioning dark flower embroidery, round neck design, do not pick people to wear ~